Reptiles Need a Number of Things to Survive

To keep this rescue running there are several things we need daily. The sponsors below help us by giving us discounts on certain items but rarely are items free. To the right I have listed ways you can help with monetary donations. However, if you wish to donate supplies those are always welcome!
* UV lighting and heat lamps
* Cage building supplies
* Food and water dishes
* Frozen rodents and feeder insects
* Greens and veggies
* Hides, logs, plants, substrate, tank decor
* Humidifiers and foggers
* Snake handling equipment
Our larger wish list:

* Greenhouse to grow iguana veggies (we had one that was destroyed in the Hurricane Matthew)
* Equipment sheds
* Outdoor enclosures for larger lizards

Some of the Wonderful People We Work With...

Southern Reptile Saviors Rescue Inc is blessed to have businesses who have partnered with us in various ways. Some of them donate their services, some of them give us discounts, and others even offer their time. Below are the companies we highly recommend when you are in the market for pet care or supplies. Click on their logo to be taken directly to their websites.

Dr. Stephen Anderson at Paws and Claws Animal Hospital is the ONLY vet we trust with our reptiles. He is the leading exotic vet in coastal carolina and our official rescue vet. He donates a lot of his time and services to help us rehab the sick animals and help us keep everyone healthy. His staff is amazing and always professional. Whether you have reptiles or furry animals, this is the place to go. 5333 Oleander Drive, Wilmington, NC 28403. Call: 910-399-3768
Click the Petco link to shop all their amazing pet products. Shipping is free with orders over $49.
You're going to shop with them anyway, why not click here to help us raise the funds we so desperately need. Check out our events sections also to see when we'll be doing an adoption day at the nearest Petco store!
House of Hydro is the leading distributor of commercial fogging machines. Foggers are wonderful for creating humidity for the many tropical reptiles we have.

**DEAL**  When you order from them, make sure you put 'Referral -'  in the notes box. Not only will you get a FREE set of replacement discs but our rescue will get a percentage of the sale!!
Reptile UV sells the amazing Mega Ray UVB mercury vapor lamps. These are the best on the market and the top choice for all our iguanas. Be sure to check their Facebook page for the newest discount code!

Light Your Reptiles is the #1 retailer of Arcadia Lights in the USA. They carry a wide variety of lights for all types of reptiles. We use their D3 T5 lights in our iguana cages in conjunction with the Mega Ray lamps to allow for a wide spectrum of lighting. 
Solar Light is the leading manufacturer of UVB testing meters. These meters will tell you how bright the output of your UVB light is and how much UV is actually coming out. All UVB bulbs degrade over time, having a meter is essential to proper reptile keeping.

Ways You Can Help

Volunteer at one our shelters located in Brunswick and Pender Counties.

Donate in our name to Paws and Claws Animal Hospital to cover vet bills.

Donate money or purchase supplies at National Petland in Southport under our rescue name.
Donate directly to us via the Donate button below. All donations are used for general supplies and food.